Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Added content for Mocked by Destiny

An extended chapter 10 of Mocked by Destiny has been donated to Fandom4Texaswildfires. For more information on how to see the missing 18+ content visit:

Why donate an extended chapter?

It's my way of giving to a cause that has affected so many people I know. One in perticular, Lisa, is a constant freind and supporter. I'd be lost without her and her passion. Her daughter Sophie almost lost the chance to go to a diabetic summer camp due to the wildfires.  For them and others who have struggled through it, I do this.

This should be something all writers do. Most of the perticipants are writers of fan fiction, all authors need to take a lesson from them on giving back to the people and fans who make them who they are.

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