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Sunday, April 10, 2011

New reviewer blog gives Mocked by Destiny 4 stars!

The Awesome Magic Attic

Part of this story reminded me of a girl I had befriended on a beach a long time ago. We said goodbye with promises to visit, email, and write. But upon arriving home, I was swept back into a busy schedule, and we never heard from each other again.

The title 'Mocked by Destiny' suited the story very well, and summed up the whole plot. In this story, we got a very deep understanding of all the characters. Stefan was every girl's dream boy. Handsome, kind, yet protective and firm. Stella was shy, sweet, somewhat emotional, and as Stefan reminded her and us over and over again, extremely beautiful. The story, much like the characters was easy to understand. It was an easy read, though I really wouldn't recommend it to anyone under the age of 14. Small problems kept popping up here and there, and there was never a reason to put down the book. It was a definite page turner.
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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Calling all bloggers!

Hi! I work for an up and coming small press. We will be releasing the second novel in N. K. Smith's Old Wounds series April 28. I'm setting up blog stops for interviews, reviews, and guest posts. I can send any blogger who is interested an ebook of the first novel in the series. You can learn more about N. K. Smith and Old Wounds series at the publisher's website:

If you are interested in participating in the blog tour, please either contact me at donna (at) thewriterscoffeeshop (dot) com or by replying to this discussion. Thanks!

Friday, April 1, 2011

A new review for Mocked by Destiny

Having grown up in a tourist town which also had a base at one time (Myrtle Beach, SC), this story evoked a lot of memories for me. I viewed the friendships differently than Stella- I saw them as brief spotlights in my life and feel that some people are put in your path for a reason. Michelle really described those feelings of new relationships well and I felt like I was in the scene- the ice scream shoppe, the beach, the base.

So this book was more personal for me and thanks for the trips down memory lane.

Cullen Confection

A review for Mocked by Destiny

Mocked By Destiny by Michele Richard

Let’s start by saying this was my first E-book I have ever read. Great way to read a book, but having a copy on the bookshelf is even better. I have been an advent reader since I learned to read when I was ten. I was one of those kids who just slipped through the crake until I became teacher’s pet when I was in 4th grade. Once I learned to read I could not stop reading. It took me no time to be tested at college level.
I have always read such a verity in my types of books. If someone recommends a book I will read it not matter what type it is. This book was recommended to me by the author who is also a friend. Trust me when I say our friendship has no bearing on this review.
The book had me hooked within the first two pages. I could not put it down…. Oh I did have many interruptions, but that’s life. I had fun going from ah, that’s so sweet, to tears and then to laughing my rear off and back around.
The way she wrote the book is how I have dreamed someone would write one. I have always wondered what the guy was thinking so it was so refreshing that she would write two or three chapters of each point of view so you could feel each of their emotions.
The emotional feel of this book changes and just makes it that much harder to put down. The way she described how things looked, painted a picture in my head.
By the sixth or seventh chapter I was telling myself that I have to get a copy for my ever growing collection as this is the type of book I love to read on cold day in front of a roaring fire.
The subject was one that many authors have written about over the year’s teenage pregnancy, but unlike most of the others she kept them together and showed how they struggled to grow into a loving family.
Not many authors put an epilogue at the end of the story so you can get an idea of who the story turns out. That was one of my favorite parts to the story. I have always believed in the happily ever after, but in most teen pregnancy stories you have not gotten that.
To me this story is a must read for teens, young adults and adults of any age that loves a good love story. Life is not full of roses and is full of struggles, which was brilliantly written in this story. I for one will be looking forward to reading the next story Ms. Richard’s writes.