Sunday, April 10, 2011

New reviewer blog gives Mocked by Destiny 4 stars!

The Awesome Magic Attic

Part of this story reminded me of a girl I had befriended on a beach a long time ago. We said goodbye with promises to visit, email, and write. But upon arriving home, I was swept back into a busy schedule, and we never heard from each other again.

The title 'Mocked by Destiny' suited the story very well, and summed up the whole plot. In this story, we got a very deep understanding of all the characters. Stefan was every girl's dream boy. Handsome, kind, yet protective and firm. Stella was shy, sweet, somewhat emotional, and as Stefan reminded her and us over and over again, extremely beautiful. The story, much like the characters was easy to understand. It was an easy read, though I really wouldn't recommend it to anyone under the age of 14. Small problems kept popping up here and there, and there was never a reason to put down the book. It was a definite page turner.
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