Friday, June 3, 2011

New Interview!

Either from personal experience or from reading my own moans, you know how hard it is for a writer to gain recognition. E-publishing is fine and all, but what some of us still hope for is that fateful acceptance letter. Someone, somewhere, has read what you've created and wants to print it. But people tell you that it hardly ever happens, that it's luck, or that the publishing world is stacked against their 'creative style'. Well, today, my friends, I want to bring you the other kind of story. Theone where someone works hard, writes well, and gets what they deserve. The story of Michele Richard.

I have the esteemed pleasure to bring to you an interview from the writer if the new novel, Mocked By Destiny. A story of teenage pregnancy set against a Virginia Beach backdrop that won't have you reaching for the puke bucket. It's honest, real and has an actual message rather than sloppy Hollywood morals. You won't find Jeremy Kyle here, dear reader.

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